How not to be mainstream

How not to be mainstream


The 95 percent – Sheep

“Hey, lets go out tonight”. This phrase we here often every weekend, and cute girls and my friends still asks me to go out to drink on a regular basis. Now i ask: “Why?”. Andthe answers i get back is: “Because its weekend”. But people who need to have a part every weekend, is people who have a boring life in their weekdays. And ultimately they just do what everybody else does – they are being sheeps. The mainstream lifestyle will lead to boredom, desperation, and ultimately an unfulfilling life.

The 5 percent – Wolfs

I was at a party a few weeks ago, and somebody asked me if i wanted a beer. I answered that i did not drink, and everybody at the body were shocked and really surprised. This is the mentality of the wolf – i refused to get drunk like everybody else at this party.

This powerful mindset comes from within and results in deliberately rejecting the mainstream. Having a wolf mentality means you know where you are going and why you are going there in the first place. It means you don’t let sheep distract you from your journey. After all, they are sheep, you are a wolf.

They crave security – you crave freedom. They desire comfort – you desire adventure. They want to be part of the world – you want to create your own world. They want to fit in – you do not care and go your own way.

Sheep is average

In modern society 95% of the people are sheep. They join a fraternity because ‘everyone else does’. They go out every Saturday because ‘that is what you are ought to be doing’. They settle with a partner and get 2 kids because that is what you should do. Watch tv-shows because everybody else does it. They adhere to societal rules and in their ignorance, believe this is the way to happiness.

Ultimately, most of them will spend most of their years on this earth in pure ‘zombie’ mode watching TV with a partner with whom they are barely compatible with at best working a semi-acceptable job. Hopefully I can prevent you from joining them. If you do not love your partner and do not like to go to work every morning, you are already on the wrong track.

The rules of sheep

Sheep are flock animals. They like to stay in groups and the ‘leader’ is simply the first sheep that takes a left instead of a right turn. If a sheep is separated from the group it panics. A sheep does not setup a territory of its own and prefers to stay in the comfort of his fellow-sheep.

Translated back to modern society, examples of typical sheep (mainstream) behavior in daily life are: Getting drunk every Saturday because ‘everyone else does it’. Joining a fraternity because your friends do so. Skipping another workout (because you got drunk the night before).

Eating fast-food despite knowing it won’t help you get ‘that’ body. Spending most of your time frittering away watching television. Giving up when the going gets tough. Refusing to step on any toes. Not walking up to that cute girl. Being friends with everyone – but never forming any close friendships.

Basically a typical sheep wanders around in life and let’s his choices be influenced by the group disproportionately. A sheep is too afraid to step out his comfort zone because that would entail that he would deviate from whatever it is the group does. A sheep does not set any goals and if he or she does they are usually set low- not surprisingly; they hardly ever amount to much. They enjoy the comfort of the group- and lack character to defy the status quo.

It feels good to be a sheep

But it can be lovely to be a sheep. Being a sheep, especially early on in life, generally means lots of fun, laughter, and comfort. Because you are taking the easy road – not surprisingly, life is pretty easy on you. I see this all the time – especially in people who joined a fraternity.

They get drunk three days a week ‘bonding’ with others, sharing lots of laughs- and drinks. Fifteen years later – they are usually having a severe mid-life crisis, because they lost touch with their ‘flock’. Their new flock is the neighbors and the media. They want to experience and do new things, but know deep down that it’s often too late for they never developed vigorous character to pursue their desires. Because being vigorous means being a wolf- which they are not.

Mindset of a wolf

A true wolf is a vigorous and somewhat elusive creature. They are often the people we call ‘dreamers’ but who secretly command respect because the sheep know that what the wolf does – they could never do. Having the wolf mentality means you do what you want because you understand that doing so will give you ultimate satisfaction- it means you reject the mainstream and are not afraid to deviate from the group if that will bring you towards your goals.

Everyone who is skeptical of your decisions is a distraction and not worthy of your time as a wolf. Most high -achievers, ranging from professional athletes, to successful entrepreneurs and politicians, are wolves. This is not surprising; after all, it takes character to say no – especially if everyone else says yes.

It is precisely this act of social deviation that separates a wolf from all the others. Because a wolf makes different and deliberate choices he walks a different path of life- one not traveled frequently yet one that is empowering and can lead to great success & happiness.

The wolf is a leader

A wolf lives his life in a completely different fashion than a sheep. Being a wolf is not a question of being born ‘an old soul’- it is a question of inner drive. If you have that fire burning inside, and you desire success, you will have to turn into a wolf at some point. Making this shift will give you inner peace – and results in being more grounded with who you are as a person.

Wolves can therefore be known as somewhat of a trouble maker. Remember though: it is not a decision you make consciously for it flows naturally from your daily decisions: Saying no to that beer- because it won’t help you get ripped. Not joining a fraternit y- because you understand that it promotes conformity.

Going to the gym – even if you don’t feel like going. Eating that bowl of oats and water – even if you really want that hamburger. Reading a lot – because you know that it will help your mind stay sharp. Pushing through when the going gets tough – because that’s where you make the difference.

Walking up to that girl- knowing people around you might think it’s ‘weird’. Polarizing your personality – some will hate you, but some will love you. Being a wolf means you make choices deliberately, and every choice is directly in line with your main goals in life which you pursue diligently.

Whether it means doing grocery shopping, going out, looking for a job, or hitting on girls, you and only you can decide whether you take the easy road, or create your own path that is in line with your goals. Being a wolf is not always easy- but it can lead to great happiness, success, wealth, and adventure.

It is hard to be a wolf

I used to hate being a wolf. I didn’t like that I was somewhat of a dreamer, even philosophical at times- especially during high school. Now I own it. I take pride in being a wolf – and so should you. People often argue that being a wolf means you are lonely.

This can be true, and I think deep down all wolves can feel somewhat lonely at times because often it is just you, because everybody else has made the safe choices. But you don’t have to be a lone wolf. Being a lone wolf means you completely distance yourself from sheep (95% of the people) and not surprisingly- that will lead a life of isolation and hardships.

I’ve found that you can be a wolf without being a lone wolf. The great thing of being a wolf is that you often inspire others to aim higher and start living a life they truly enjoy. To do this however, you need to balance your wolf mentality and enjoy your time amidst the sheep: You don’t drink – but you still party like an animal and dance and flirt the night away. You don’t join a fraternity – but still enjoy meeting new people. You go to the gym – but take some time off if you feel your body needs to rest. You still go out for dinner – you just order something healthier. You still read a lot – but enjoy watching a good movie every now and then.

Being a lone wolf means you completely reject the mainstream. Though you could decide to do so, I’ve found that this is challenging and can even be depressing at times. So instead, you keep in mind that you are a wolf – but make sure you can still function amidst the sheep.

3 Tips from Wolf to Wolf

1. Start Your Own Wolf Pack Wolves are not lonely animals. In fact, they often travel in packs- wolf packs to be precise. Connect with other wolves, inspire each other, exchange ideas, set goals, and help each other achieving them. True wolves help each other and will recognize another wolf immediately.

2. Be Gregarious when Amidst the Sheep If you don’t want to be a lone wolf then don’t completely ignore the mainstream. Have fun when you are among sheep and enjoy every moment of it- even sheep can be a lot of fun. 3.

Create your own Territory Wolves are territorial animals. Expand your own territory by deciding what you want and then pursue it relentlessly- stepping out of your comfort zone daily. Tonight, when the moon is bright- hear me howl. Are you howling with me?

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6 thoughts on “How not to be mainstream

  1. I grew up as a wolf cub, as my father is THE wolf. He sets his goals and achieves them – I admire him for that. According to the zodiac he’s born under the Cancer sign, so he gets things done. He doesn’t get distracted because he doesn’t allow himself to. He sacrificed a lot of “cheap” entertainment but his success speaks for himself [million dollars worth business]. He does not have many friends and he doesn’t spend too much time with them, because that would also distract him. He feels more comfortable at home with his family. Before having a family [he married when he was 27] he had tons of fun with his friends, but after he matured, he provided food and shelter for his wolf family. I think he married a sheep [my mom] for security reasons, so he can always control her. So this is how I resulted, half wolf/half sheep. During my education I was mostly a wolf, because I had good results. Then after graduating 2 Universities I somehow relaxed, started partying hard, doing recreational drugs and had LOTS of fun. I can’t say I regret it, as I consider I “lived my life” but that’s enough. Starting 2015 I decided I want to be the wolf again. My inner drive that you wrote about was cancelled by insane amounts of weed, but not any more. Got back to the gym for the motivation (I don’t have weight or picking up girls issues). Sheeps are fun but in the end you don’t want to end like a sheep. You want to feel strong and secure on what you know and own. This self-esteem will spread around like a positive vibe and will attract other succesful people. Great article to start the blog, I’ve signed up in the e-mail. Keep on posting quality, because wolf’s time is filtered. Cheers from Arad, Romania.


    1. Hello Arad, thanks for sharing you story with us, im glad to see that you found the site. I think no one can be a wolf his whole life without turning into sheepish nature in periods of his life. I too have been a part of the part scene with drugs and alcohol, and it have been great fun and a learning experience, but like you – i dont regret it.

      I think all of us have friends and family that are sheeps. It is good to have people around you with a wolfish nature – keep them around, but dont let people out of your life, because they are sheeps. There is a reason why you love those people, so keep on with that. Try influencing them instead with your perspective of life as a wolf. Check out the new article on sleeping habits – cheers mate.

      You can also follow us on facebook and twitter. Click and share please.


    1. Hey Henrik, i know the exact feeling – many times we just go on with our lives without realizing, what exactly we are doing, because everybody else are doing the exact same things. But the good news is, that it is never too late to drop the sheepish skin, we are wearing and start becoming the wolf we are.


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