How to get more energy just by sleeping

How to get more energy just by sleeping

A man that had a good nights sleep
A man that had a good nights sleep

First of all you need to ditch the snoozebutton, because that will make you unproductive. And the following tip will give you more energy throughout the day.

This is what its all about

A few years ago i worked in the media business, and often i needed to get up and work at 6 am. The weekend before i have got my phone stolen, and suddenly i did not have a morning alarm to wake me up. So i decided to go to bed at 9 pm. to get up in time. It worked, and after a few nights i woke up at 5 am. every morning without setting an alarm.

Nowadays i set up my alarm everyday at the same time, and i guarantee you if you do the same you will notice a difference in how you feel in just a few weeks.

After a few weeks you will experience much more energy and you will get fewer of those unwanted drops in energy that you use to have during the day.

And after some time you can even dare to skip setting your alarm, and just have a natural wake up like i did in the beginning.

How to get that sleep

Actually its not so important to go to bed at the same time every day. I usually go to bed between 22 pm. to midnight, sometimes i even stay up longer at night, but the most important thing is that i wake up at 8 am. every morning. And you too should choose a time you need or want to get up, and then make sure that you had at least seven hours of sleep up to this time.

So set the alarm for your ideal time for waking up and do this for a few weeks until your body has adapted to this new sleep schedule. After that you can try to ditch your alarm clock, because your body will naturally wake up at the time you are used to.

If you need to go to work and school in the morning, try setting you alarm 20 minutes later just as a safety backup.

It is also a good idea to go to bed, when you actually feel tired at night instead of hanging in front of the unnatural lights of the television and computer screens,

It is the most natural thing

You will notice how great a feeling it is to wake up naturally without an alarm clock. Going out late drinking in the nightlife, watching television and staying up on the computer late in the night disrupt the natural rhytm of the body. And studies show, that humans have shortened their sleep since the invention of the artificial light. If you are not sleeping for a longer period it will damage your brain, so avoid skipping the bedtime hours too often.

Read a book late at night, this will make you feel more tired and you will get informed at the same time.

You surely know how hard it is to get up monday morning after a weekend, where you have stayed up long nights and changed your daily sleep schedule.  This change in your sleep schedule is very confusing for your body because the body is used to adapt to nature, wake up at sunrise and go to bed when its dark and it feels tired. By following the natural patterns a little more, you will feel much better.

It can be hard to maintain the stable sleep schedule

Actually it is not that hard to get to the stable sleep schedule. Just set up your alarm at the same time every morning, and remember to get the good nights sleep up to this time.

If you like me like going out and meet girls in the nightlife, it can be hard to get up at 8 am. But you should quit drinking when you are out and still get up at 8 am., and then maybe go earlier to bed the following night. This is also easier, when alcohol is not in your body.

Many people just waste time in the nightlife anyway. They drink to much and end up not talking to any girls. It is a waste of time and money. And sleep. Instead try hitting on girls in the street. I will cover this aspect in a future ebook.

So get up at the same time every morning in the next month, i will guarantee that you will feel a satisfying difference, that you would not live without in the future.

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