How to be a spartan

How to be a spartan


You may know the blockbuster movie 300 about a small army from Sparta, who heroically took up the fight against a giant greek army.

The movie eventually got a predecessor which sucked, but apart from their will to stay and fight against all odds, there really is a lot to learn from how the actual spartans lived.

The spartans lifestyle was simple. They practised a minimalistic lifestyle. They were economical and and did not waste their economical ressurces and  they only ate what they needed (judging from the movie, they needed around 5.000 calories a day, haha).

The minimalistic lifestyle of the spartans is worth practicing in our modern society. In the end it will prove more rewarding than the sheepish consumer lifestyle which most people live and slowly kills us and our planet.

To follow the spartan principles you only live on the least amount possible, and you do not buy things you really do not need.

So you need to get rid of all of your useless belongings. Go through your them and sell or give away anything you do not absolutely need in your everyday life. It feels quite liberating, once you get rid of all the stuff you do not use anymore.

Apply the same mentality to how you are spending your money. Where can you cut back? Do you spend to much money on clothes, even though you have plenty already? Could you cut your own hair, instead of going to that exspensive barber each month?

Also stop eating out, it is much cheaper to buy your own groceries and make your own dinner. A man that can cook his own food is also more attractive to a woman, and most restaurant food is unhealthy and filled with too much salt and fat anyway. Avoid processed foods too – they will cost your more finances and be bad for your health long term.

If you have monthly payings on any materialistic stuff, sell the items and get out of the deal. Even if it is a car, do the same, buy one, it is too expensive having a rental. And consider i you even need to have a car, do you, if you can walk or bike to the places you need to go everyday – then consider this. It will also benefit your health.

Are you living in an apartment with four rooms all by yourself? Move out to a apartment with two rooms and save some rent.

I think a lot of us are struggling with monthly payments, and it is really giving people to much concern and stress in their lives. So cut back – only have monthly expences such as rent, internet and telephone bills, if you can.

The other stuff do not create happiness in our lives anyway. Social freedom is much more valuable, so getting rid of the useless stuff really take weight of our shoulders.

Spartan entrepreneur

Many people just endure and walks trough life this. They live in a soulsucking job they hate, and they keep consuming useless junk to feel better.

But if you cut your payments to a bare minimum, you can quit your soulless job, and stop getting other people rich from your valuable time.

Start your own business, one you feel passionate about. Work for yourself, and then the success will show.

So cut your expences to an absolute minimum, quit the job you hate and take the risk of starting a business for yourself – one that will make you happy and give you some fun new adventures.

Cut of your credit cards, and pay them out.  Get rid of your cable tv, all your electronics (keep the computer), sell the house, get a cheap apartment, cook your own food and start working towards a new more independent lifestyle.

Use all your energy and resources to make your new business work. Do not care if you have the latest new iphone or television set. You know this does matter and do not make you happier anyway.

If you apply this mindset, i guarantee that you will have succeded in a couple of years. Your business will be on autopilot and you will have more time and social freedom for yourself.

Or you can stay in your current position in your soulless job, eating crappy fast foods and be unhappy.

You can either go for a job that takes all of your time, so you can pay for all your unnecessary expenses, or your can cut those expences and work less, be more happy and have more time on your own.

So simplify your life, cut back, do not be a consumerish sheep, ignore the advertises and go your own way.


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