How to last longer in bed and become a sexual athlete

How to last longer in bed and become a sexual athlete


I want to present for  you a excercise you can easily do at home that improve you sexlife.

It is called kegels or pelvic floor excercises and if you do them on a regular basis you will experience greater erections, delayed ejaculations (especially for men who suffers from premature ejaculations) and also a bigger ejaculate volume. It will also give you a healthier prostate.

So if you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you should particularly pay attention to this excercise. Because kegels makes you dick, climax and orgasm controls stronger.

How to do kegels

First of all you need to locate what is called your PC muscles both with your body and your brain. It will take some practise.

Like any other excercises, maintaining good form is essential – also when it comes to kegels.

The PC muscle is shown in red.
The PC muscle is shown in red.

Your PC muscle is located between your pubic bone and your Coccys as shown in the picture above, and among many other thing it is responsible for contraction during orgasms.

An easy way to locate and use your pc muscle is to stop the flow of urine in the middle of an urination. The muscle that helps you stop your piss is your pc muscle.

It is the same muscle you use, when your are trying to stop a fart, and also the same muscle you squeeze, when you drop a load on the can.

You can locate and use your PC muscle with the following approaches.

1. Imagine the process of cutting the flow of urine and perform it while keeping your back, abdominal and leg muscles relaxed.

2. Try squeezing the area of your rectum to tighten your anus, like when you are trying not to pass gas.

The good thing about kegels is, that you can do them anywhere you like. At work, waiting in line in the supermarket or when stuck in traffic. People can not see, thar you are doing them and you do not need any equipment to do them either.

You should treat your PC muscle like any other muscle that you work out, so your should excercise and rest your PC muscle to achieve control and strenght. Do not perform kegels every singleday, it needs to be rested every know and then. Doing it five days a week would be more than enough. As a beginner you can follow this guideline:

Week 1: Quickly squeeze your PC muscle and quickly release 10 times. Rest for 1 minute. Repeat this 9 more times for a total of 100 squeezes. Do this 5 or 6 times this week.

Week 2: Quickly squeeze your PC muscle 10 times but hold it for 5 seconds between repetitions. Rest for 1 minute. Repeat this 9 more times for a totalof 100 5 second squeezes. Do this 5 or 6 days.

Week 3: Quickly squeeze your PC muscle 10 times but hold it for 5 seconds between repetitions. After you set squeeze and hold your PC muscle for 60 seconds. This is pretty hard, but just try your best . Repeat this 9 more times for a total of 100 5 second squeezes, with a 60 second post set squeeze. Do this 5 or 6 days.

When the final routine becomes easy, then try to gradually perform more sets and reduce the break between them.

If you do this regularly you will se noticeable results in about 8 to 10 weeks. I first noticed changes in my orgasm strenght, then my climax control and finally my cumshot volume and distance.

So what are the benefits?

You will be better at controlling your orgasms. If you develop your PC muscle, you will get more strenght to pull back load when it is ready to shoot of your body. It is hard  in the beginning, but eventually as you do the excercises it will be much easier for you. This will also prevent you from premature ejaculation.

So i recommend that your bring yourself to a near orgasm and then squeeze your PC muscle as hard as you can and bring back your load. Do this again. You will notice that your load is bigger than usual and the shoot is longer.

Every week you should add  1 more near orgasm that you hold back, so you are getting used to a mind/dick-connection and building your PC muscle to strenght.


There is no serious sideeffects from kegels, just remember to perform them correctly and give your PC muscle rest every know and then. It is like every other muscle in your body, you have to have the proper form, fatigue it and let it recover. so it can become stronger.

But if you are  experiencing a weak climax or dribble cum that are less powerful than usual, or you can not squeeze your PC muscle for more than 20 seconds or you can not get a prober erection, then it is a sign of to much fatigue in your PC muscle and you should give i rest for at least 48 hours.

Men and women do PC excercises on regular basis, so be a good performer in sex yourself and do kegels right away.

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2 thoughts on “How to last longer in bed and become a sexual athlete

  1. It is possible with Kegel muscle training to learn how to withhold ejaculate altogether but yet still orgasm–even multiple orgasms. This is how one man can satisfy an entire harem. Whereas I wouldn’t call it a foolproof method of birth control, clearly there are possibilities there as well. It’s something that some fraction of men find that they are capable of doing, with dedication and patience. That doesn’t mean that a man who only attempts it half-assed will succeed and some men might have anatomical issues that no amount of training can compensate for, however, that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been tried and achieved.

    I’ve met two such men in my lifetime.


    1. Welcome Caprizchka, i am glad to see a womans perspective on this, and you are absolutely right. You need to be dedicated to achieve good results – an half assed approach will not give good results.

      Liked by 1 person

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