How to improve your suit with few essentials

How to improve your suit with few essentials


A real gentleman often wears a suit. It is the most classic and impressive way for a man to look dashing.

But when you suit up, yo need to pay attention to the details to look styling, and it only takes a few accessories to take your suit appeareance from the ordinary office employer look to a next level womanizer Don Draper look-a-like.

And it does not cost much more, to look more dashing, yo can get them for low prices on the internet and in your local departement store.

1. Metal collar stays


These makes your dress collar stay up sharp and you will not get the collar woes. You can get them from the internet fro less than 10 dollars and you should go for those with magnets for your collar for the best look.

2. Pocket square


You should not wear a suit without a pocket square. All the stylish men wears a pocket square when rocking a suit. From Don Draper to Kanye West – and of course James Bond.

3. A great shirt


The pocket square makes your shirt and overall style look even better, and the other way around. Pick a good quality and stylish looking shirt, and remember that colouring and pattern should match with the pocket square (as in the picture above).

4. Dress watch


Do not check out what time it is in your phone. Get a watch, it does not necessary have to be an expensive one. You will do better with a classy looking inexpensive watch than having a bare wrist on your left hand.

5. Money clip or card holder



If you do not walk around with cash, then go for a card holder. If you live in the United States or another country where you use cash all the time,  buy a money clip and a card holder.

A proper womanizer and gentleman does not go with a fat leather wallet that ruins the shape of the pockets in his pants. Take a lighter and more stylish approach on how to hold on to your money. I guarantee you will get some looks the next time you order a drink at the bare, if you present your bankroll like this.


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