How to stop selling your time and be a producer of your own wealth

How to stop selling your time and be a producer of your own wealth


7 out of every 10 American workers actively hate their job and inactively spend their working day zoned out and are being watched by their superiors if they work hard enough.

The average guy may think to himself that these people are unlucky because they can not enjoy their jobs. A winning gentleman thinks that these jobs is not worth to spend their valuable time on. These people could instead spend their time at working on a real passionate project of their own.

Some people just hate their jobs and and spend their time off from work playing video games and watching television.  Then they become envious, jealous and resentful of people who work for their passion and go for what they want.

These people does not know how valuable their time is, and they gladly participate and say yes to anything, that will take their time away. They believe in luck, that they can win the lottery and do not think that their dreams are achievable.

And when they are off from the jobs that took their valuable time, they sell their money for things like a new television or the newest iphone. This mindset will never get to their dreams of retiring rich, but i will tell you how to change this.

1. Stop selling your time money

If you are paid salary or hourly you are paid for your time. If you are paid for your time you put a self-imposed limit on how much money you can make.

You’ve only got 24 hours in a day, how many of those hours can you work? 16? Tops. If you’re a Chinaman working as a slave maybe you can push it to 18 hours per day, 7 days per week but that’s the limit of human endurance.

Working for time limits your earning capability, not to mention robs you of the most important asset you will ever have. Time is the most important thing you will ever have and if you sell your time money  you aren’t an entrepreneur, you’re a salary man.

Time is the most important thing you own, give it to yourself, don’t give it to others. Certainly do not sell 5 of your days for 2 “free” days and do not give 50 of your weeks in exchange for 2 “free” weeks.

Those 2 weekend days and those 2 weeks holiday per year cost you your life, you just didn’t realize it at the time. If you hate to get up on mondays, this is the sign that you are not happy with this.

Value your time. Never sell it for money. You will never be rich selling your time for a paycheck but more importantly you will never, ever be free. You get maybe two weeks per year vacation time but the entrepreneur gets 52 weeks per year vacation time.

You could be making money no matter where you are in the world, while you are sleeping,   The Plumber is on call and only makes money when he goes out to fix a broken tub somewhere, the office worker gets paid his 40 hour salary and that is it, even if he works harder and comes in early and stays late.

The entrepreneur does not sell his time for money. If you want to be an entrepreneur you have to stop giving away your most precious asset. Working more is not the answer, working better is.

When you stop giving away your time you have the ability to focus on making more money than any average dude working an average job for an average wage for a chance of retiring as an average man with an average retirement income.

2.  Do not spend time on ignorants

Most people average Joes so how do you convince them of your plans? How do you convince mom and dad and that you are going to be an entrepreneur and not a walking zombie like them? It is none of their business, really.

You are not underage or not an employee, so you can do whatever you want with your time.

Your plans are for you and you alone. You can involve parts of these plans on a need to know basis, but never give away your strategy. It is nobodies business and if you require approval you do not have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Approval is not for the true gentleman. If you want approval then be a zombie like everybody else, get a good education, and get a good job with the rest of the zombies and spend your next 50 years wondering what could have been.

3. Do not let hard times get you down

As an entrepreneur  anxiety will be around you all the time. Because in the beginning you are just waiting to make money. Many times you do not know when or if you will make money.

The reality is that as an entrepreneur you make big money now and then. You do not get rich slow and steady, you get rich by making one or several big deals that make you rich quick.

There will be harsh times, and there will be times when you are feeling poor.. But endure, and believe that it take time to buld your project. If ou focus on the project, yhe hars ti mes would not seem so hard for you. Do not let what other think get you down.

4. Be a producer – not a consumer

Most people are consumers – they work and consume, get debt, get kids and die.

But you can also be a producer, that make something that others consume.

You can get rich quick when you produce something valuable for a lot people. Get rich quick schemes do not work because they do not provide any value to anyone, they are tools for the impatient to try to acquire wealth.

The type of people that follow get rich quick schemes never stick to one thing and they never try to provide value, they jump ship at the first sign of hardship and move on to the next scheme. Rinse and repeat.

To make money, make a real product that makes a real difference to someone.

Do not spend all your money on nonsense like the newest phones and gadgets and hip clothes. You will never get rich saving your money, but you will need capital for your ventures and you will need some savings in case of hard times.

You can buy all that cool, hip stuff when you are succesful.

5. Learn all the time

There is not a blueprint for wealth and freedom but there are blueprints. So you can learn from everywhere, you take from this one and that one and you learn.

Take what you need and discard the rest. No one piece of work is going to make everyone who reads it rich but you can learn from Book A and Book B and Book C.

It is very important to read every industry specific book, article, blog post, and forum you can find. You will need to be an expert in your industry. It is also great motivation to read business books and auto-biographies of the successful.

So if you need to work a job right now, just to pay your rent and food, use every time on this job to get knowledge that can help ypur new adventure. That may seems nethical, but it is also unethical to pay peole  a low salary for their most valuable thing – their time.

So stop living the zombie lifestyle right away and becomea free person, that manages his own time and have social freedom.


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