How to get a girl to fall in love with you

How to get a girl to fall in love with you


In this article i will tell you how to get a girl that you are interested in to fall in love with you, to be emotionally attache to you in some way.

There are actually a couple of ways you can do this, and if you apply this to one of your relationships with a girl, i am sure you will be able to have a more solid relationship with her.

You will get significant more emotional investment from her side, you will be able to keep her attached to you and get strong emotional feelings for you.

You have to play along

Pick up artist advocate for guys to be a strong alpha male, and in many regards yo have to be one, but many guys misunderstand the concept of being a strong male leader when dealing with a girl.

They actually believe that being dominant all the time will help them get better with girls. This mindset leads many guys to constantly being cocky funny towards a girl.

This should only be done in small doses, but guys overdo it and the girls perceive them as total assholes that have too high regards of themselves.

Sometimes you simply hacve to say yes to her suggestions and gree with her opinions, of course you should only be doing this if you actually ant to do this or have the same opinion as her. You should still be yourself and have some self respect of course.

You should still be confident, funny and tase her – be the guy with everything going for him, but remember that it equire two for a tango.

You should be running the how most of the time, but if she have a good suggestion, you should definately compliment her on this and play along.

So next time a girl offers to do something that you actually would like, go with her and remember that next time you take her on a journey to keep the dominant behavior to your side.

It is all about the passion

You look most attractive to a girl when you are at your happiest state – when you are at your best.

And you are at your best and happiest state, when you are doing the things that you love to do. A musician shines brighter when he is playing his instrument and also look more attractive when he is up on that stage. The same goes for any other occupation, passion or hobby.

So bring a girl into that reality, that you are so passionate about. That could be music, body training or any other thing that you happen to be some kind of expert in.

You will create a stronger bond to her, if you teaches her somee of the things you are passionate about. So if you are a musician, teach her to play your instrument, if you work out, teach her some of your workout routines and all you know about diet etc.

Bring her to small adventures

Women will constantly be evaluating your relationship and thinking about how far you and her will go. So you need to create a solid realtionship and keep up her emotional investment along the way.

So you need to take her on small adventures – think about it like taking your girl to travel with you.

This builds up experiences and shared history between you and her and eventually it will create a realationship between you and her, because she will get all these happy memories of you and her together, and you will be seen as an adventurous and spontaneous guy.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to take her on a journey to Africa or somewhere far away and exotic.

You can easily create small adventures any day you want. As long as you are passionate about and can convince her of how fun it can be.

I have taking a girl home to paint pictures with finger paint on my living room floor which ended with great sex in the shower because we were so messy but had a strong connection.

I have also been in Ikea with a girl, where she helped me pick out some furniture, and along the way we tried out some beds and had some fun acting out in their created living rooms.

These are just some of the small adventures i have done with a girl, that eventually leaded her to be very much in love with me.

You can also do simple things as taking her to see some art in a museum or even do grocery shopping – just remember to build it up as an adventure.

Be a prize

You should always work hard to be the best version of yourself – do not just tell yourself that you are something special, you need to work hard towardss bing this special guy.

You should never lie to a girl or tell her that you are something that you not are. Instead work on your flaws so you never have to lie to a girl. This is more genuine, that telling her and yourself that you are the prize, if you deep inside know that you are not.

Work on the things where you could do some improvement, beause the ultimately goal is to keep women on a consistent basis without using lies, gimmicks or tactics. You should be genuine and honest, because in the long run a girl will know if you are fake.

If you can do that, girls will be emotionally attracted to you because you are the ral deal.

Be a man – not a kid

Women do not fall for a litlle immature boy, so you need to get your stuff together and be and act like a grown man, who can provide for himself.

Thats also the reason why many younger girls fall for older men. Older men are often wiser, more financially secure and do not make all the faults of a younger man.

So have money, experience and be calm around women, then you project the vibe of a grown and experienced man.

You support yourself, you do not depend on others to have a good life – being a strong provider is highly attractive to women.

You make decisions – also tough ones. You can deal with everything, that comes your way, and you do not turn into being hopeless.

Women are naturally drawn to this strong type of male, so be sure to strive towards this.

I guarantee if you apply thesse advice to your relationship, that it will create a stronger bond between you and her. Please share your experience with if you have applied the advice given from this article.


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