How to set up a date after getting her number

How to set up a date after getting her number

Ok, so you got her number– now what?

First of all, when she gives me her number, I call her immediately, so that she has my number to save too (and to make sure the number is correct – not because I think she gives a fake number, but sometimes they accidentally misspell it).

Then I hug her and say goodbye and all that stuff.

15-60 minutes later, I text her: “hey pleasure to meet you 😉
She replies “you too blabla”

Then I wait a few hours and text her back in the evening. As soon as she replies, I call her.
Or sometimes I might be busy, so I text her the next day. And same deal – when she replies I call.
Sometimes I even text “hey im just gonna call u in 2 MINUTES” on beforehand.

What to say on the phone

On the phone, I say: “hey it was nice to meet you how has your day been?”
Random small talk for a few minutes…
Then I say: “hey you seem pretty cool/sweet/cute we should meet again some day!”
She says” Yea that would be nice blabla”
I say: “yeah, whats your schedule like this week?”
“yeah, well I can do thursday or saturday, what day suits you best?”
BAM, you agree on a day.
If she says that she can not on those 2 days, ask her when she can. Get that day sealed.

Then I say: “Ok let us meet at this “random” station, it is close to my place..”
She says “ok cool sounds good”
Then I do 1-2 minutes small talk, and/or just end the conversation by saying “Im looking forward to see you, bye bye”
Text her before the date

On the day I have the date with her, I text her a few hours before
“Looking forward to see you ;)”
“Hey just meet me in front of the bank, looking forward to see you ;)”

That is pretty much it. This is more or less what I have done with more than 100 girls.


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