How to be great and dominant in bed – the basic guide to great sex

How to be great and dominant in bed – the basic guide to great sex


Today i want to tell you  how to be good in bed and improve your sex life i n a simple way

What improved my sexual skills is, when i began to be more dominant and rough in bed.

Girls get really turned on by being dominated. So grab and pull her hair, grab her neck and shoulders, some even like you to slap their face. They like you to move them around physically, and take the decisions in the bedroom.

You will also be much more turned on, when you are dominant, because you will feel more manly when you are the one in control.

Remember to get all other distractions out of your head, when you are i bed with a girl.  Your worries will ruin your libido, and you will get a hard time getting a hard on.

Instead enjoy the smell of her, the taste and the view of the girl your are fucking, this will get you in the moment and get clear of the distractive thoughts.

Talk dirty to her. When you are in bed with a girl, you should use a mix between dirty and sweet talk.

The dirty talk would be something like:

“Ahh you like to be fucked like a slut”

“Tell me how good it feels when i smack your ass.”

“Tell me how good it felels when when i fuck you hard.”

“Bend over for me your dirty girl”

“Show me how far you can take my dick”

“Show me how hard you can turn me on”

Sweet talk is more like:

“It feels so good to be inside you”

“You look so beautiful, when you suck my dick”

“It feels so amazing yo be inside you”

“I love when you look into my eyes when i fuck you”

“Your pussy is amazing”

“You taste so good when i lick you”

If you want to be dominant, you can not only talk sweetly to her, because it will ruin your dominant frame. So mix it up a little, and use a bit more of the dirty talk, than the sweet talk.

Remember to reward her. If she does something you like, then reward her. This can be done physically or mentally. If she for instance gives you a really good blowjob,  then you can tell her, that it is so good, and compliment her on what she is doing.

You can also touch her more, give her a physical pleasure, for the good things she had done to you.

This also applies outside the bedroom, if she had dressed up or did her hair for your, tell her how good looking she is. Give her genuine compliments.

Reward her but also punish her, if she does something you do not like. If you do not like what she is doing in bed, tell her to do another thing that i s better. If she do not want to give you a blowjob, you can punish her physically, grab her throat without force to show her, that you are the one controlling this.

If you want her to do something , simply just tell her to do it, you are the dominant one, you decide what is going to happen.

Variety is key. Do not have sex her for 15 minutes straight in missionary position. I usually change things up after  every 5 minutes. Do something differently, because she will get bored, if it is the same routine over and over again.

If you want to change position, you simple move her physically, or tell har verbally in a bit of a harsh tone to move into the position you will like her to be in.

Use your hands. Do not place them into the mattress. You can use them to pull her hair, grab her neck, grab her hands, slap her ass, touch her clit and etc..

You can even put one or two of your fingers into her mouth, and she will start sucking them like it was your goldmemember.

When she rides you, you can move her hips into the rhytm and pace you want it to be. You should lead in every way you can think of. She should not be the one, who tells you what to do. It should be the other way around.

To make the intercourse longer, you can finger her, this will also give you a time to rest between all the physically exhausting hard thrusting.

Take your middle finger and with your palm facing upwards, start fingering her as deep as possible, feel for a “squishy” area past the pubic bone.

When you find this area, start doing a motion inside of her like you are telling someone to “come here” with your finger (curl your finger upwards and towards you).

Continue doing this until she can barely take it anymore and is almost at the point of cumming (you will know when). Then start using your finger like a jackhammer going as deep and as fast as you can in and out.

The girl may tell you she feels like she needs to pee (some girls have never experienced what is about to happen before). Reassure her that she does not have to pee, and that she is just going to squirt/gush.

Keep going through her screams (and she will be screaming—loud!) and bucking, and you should feel an explosion of cum start, pull your finger out and watch her squirt or gush all over the place.

Be ready for her to literally almost tear skin off of your arms, chest, shoulders or back because she will be grabbing/digging her nails in so hard, it really does hurt pretty bad and I have gotten some nasty skin gouges when I was not prepared for it..

After doing that to her, no matter what else happens, you are the man. Most girls will be so hot for you after that they will literally tell you “We can do anything you want tonight” or “Do whatever you want to me”, and trust me they mean it.

This is a good basic guide to help both you and the girl to have an amazing experience. Many guys just think of themselves in bed, but when you are making a good experience for both you and her you will get more memorable experiences.


4 thoughts on “How to be great and dominant in bed – the basic guide to great sex

  1. Wow.. and people are angry at the things I write!! This makes my “sex advice” look like a children’s story lol. You know what you’re writing about for sure though. For some reason (the pink background i suppose) I thought this was a blog written by a woman (and it was more interesting to me that way). …. ?


    1. I disagree – if you like to lick pussy, you do it for you, and not just for her. But you should not do it, if she tell you to. Only if you like it yourself.


      1. sure man but my mindset is she is there for my pleasure. her pleasure isn’t even in my top three on lists of “concern” and going down on her gives her the wrong impression

        plus all the less dominate men in her life have gone down on her because well they worry about the wrong things

        and if she wants it licked, she should find a girl friend for the both of us.

        Liked by 1 person

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