How to get a spiritual and free mind

How to get a spiritual and free mind


This is one of the most powerful ways to increase your quality of life and become more attractive to women.

That is what we are all here for, correct?

Lately a lot of guys have asked via email things like:

“how did you get an attitude and mindset like that?”

“how did you develop your presence?”

“what did you do to become so comfortable with yourself?”

“how were you so in the moment under sex?”

“you seem to be really in touch with yourself, do not care what others think of it and really enjoy this short life we have.”

If there were only one, two maybe three of your best tips to help someone break free from the shackles of normalcy, what would they be?

I have been thinking about these responses a lot and have come to the conclusion that I must write a very well thought out and organized thesis on the subject.

I wll be working hard on it for the next few months (in between writing an essential ebook on how to be a bad gentleman) and will have something special when it is complete.

For now, I will share some of the most important ways an independent male can help develop his mind into an unstoppable weapon.

1. Read
And read the good stuff. There are lists of books all over the internet, stick with the classics. Do not just read blogs or articles online, get yourself a nice copy of a classic in paper and ink, sit down, concentrate, and fill your head with brilliance.

When you read quality and fill your mind with the words of powerful men, you can detect what is true and what is bullshit.

This is important because most of what you will find in this world is bullshit, hone your skills sooner than later.

2. Nature
Mother Nature is the best teacher a man could ever ask for. She will give you gifts that will open up your heart and mind and allow you to tap in to her power.

I was lucky when I grew up and there was some deep forest just a 30 minute bike ride away. Even though I was a football and video game loving kid, I retreated to that forest many many times to read, walk, and watch animals.

My father taught me how to track animals and pick up on their energy. You know that feeling you get when someone is staring at you? I can do that with birds.

Animals have pure spirits, live completely in the moment, and go by instinct–these are traits that you want to develop. Learn from the Earth.

3. Art
Real, powerful art can be a life changing experience. Go to a museum, and lose yourself in a sculpture or painting.

Really let yourself go and see what you are drawn to. If you see a piece that interests you, figure out why. Stare at it until it becomes a part of you.

Not only will you notice the beauty that real artistic accomplishment shows on the outside, but you will notice something about yourself that is all too real.

Each man is different and each will have a different revelation. It is powerful stuff.

These three mediums are the best ways to begin. They are accessible, cheap, and enjoyable – there is no reason not to do it

I encourage you to start developing now. The longer you wait, the more ingrained your habits and way of thinking becomes.

But you can always change for the better, do it sooner than later.


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