How getting in shape will improve your sex life

How getting in shape will improve your sex life


Exersice is about getting in shape and creating a body that can actually do stuff. There are so many benefits that exercising (weightlifting, stretching & cardio) will do when it comes to your sexual health it is insane.

If you are out of shape, you will likely have problems with getting and staying hard but also lasting longer. It will affect your sex life negatively.

Thus, Sexercising is not an option. It is a must.

Obesity is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. In a research panel with American men, 79% who suffered from obesity had problems erectile dysfunction.

After putting them on a rigorous exercise routine, erectile dysfunction prevalence dropped significantly. These findings confirm what we know deep down: if you are out of shape, you will likely have problems with getting and staying hard.

Health in body and penis

Simply put, a healthy, ‘hard’ body will usually have a ‘hard’ penis attached to it (after all the entire cardiovascular system is in top condition) and a hard healthy penis also leads to a healthy man.

An erection a day keeps the doctor away.

The better you take care of your body, the better your body will take care of you. Treasure it and understand this important relationship.

I am not here to tell you what you should and should not do. Instead, I hope to raise some awareness that what we do with our bodies definitely has an impact our sexual performance, especially concerning our erection quality.

That said I believe in balance. You do not need to live like a Buddha and never consume a drop of alcohol or smoke a cigarette in your life again.

Just keep in mind that as unhealthy habits start to accumulate you might be physically, emotionally and sexually out of shape before you know it.

Therefore I highly encourage you to take care of your physical well being too if you want the best results and a better and happier life in general.

Exercise benefits sex

Exercise – Why should I start?

Exercise is all about getting in shape and improving your body so you can:

Feel good in your own skin.
Have better sex.
Improve your chances with the ladies.
It is once again, looking at things from a more holistic point of view, combined with some evolutionary theories, experience, and a touch of badass.

More specifically, exercising serves three main goals:

Aesthetics – Creating an aesthetically pleasing body by:

1). Lowering our bodyfat levels.

2). Increasing our muscle mass.

It’s about transforming your body.

Flexibility & Power- Improving your sex life by:

1). Improving your flexibility.

2). Improving power.

It’s about creating a body that not only looks good, but can actually do stuff.

Stamina & Endurance- Create a strong cardiovascular system by improving your endurance and stamina.

1). Endurance refers to jogging & other forms of cardio (aerobics).

2). Stamina refers to a combination of strength and endurance.

Improving your body and the ability of your body will have major carryover effects on your sex life. Not to mention the effect improving your stamina will have on all those long hot nights.

If this does not convince you to start exercising I do not know what will.

Here is an overview of all the amazing benefits sexercise has.

Exersicing benefits

Health: Healthy cardiovascular system, increased testosterone levels, increased libido, increased stamina

Power: Stronger in general, easier to manhandle women

Flexibility: Increased hip flexibility, faster and harder more rhytmic thrusting, easier to do more advanced sex positions

Aesthetics: Increase in muscle mass, lower body fat levels, more sex appeal

Endurance: You can endure more and better sex for a longer time

Stamina: Intense thrusting during sex, better lovemaking.

Mind: Increased confidence, more masculine behaviour, more sexually assertive, more dominant in the bed

It is a no-brainer. Start exercising today.


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