The 2 most important traits of a gentleman

The 2 most important traits of a gentleman


There are specific qualities that separate a true gentleman versus somebody who is working on their Alpha-manship. These specific qualities are a bullet proof sense of humour and a set of balls.

1. Have humour.
Be a man who can make others laugh. Become an individual who will be called upon for support for your sharp wittiness and ability to diffuse any tough situation with a smile & handshake.

Be a person who can increase the energy of others around you. The lone-wolf who laughs at hitting a stumbling block or failure.

A gentleman is stressless, up-beat, optimistic and almost always smiling. Ever heard the phrase “life’s better when everyones smiling”? Now think of hollywood portrayals of alpha’s.

James Bond, Tony Montana, The Dos Equis Man, Dwayne Johnson. Picture these men entering an everyday scenario and making a small joke or breaking the ice with a comment or question – this is how an alpha carries himself on a day to day basis.

Nothing is taken too seriously as long as you are doing your very best for success, wealth, health and achievement. An individual with a good sense of humour will always be surrounded by happy people because he would not get along or be on the same page as those who are negative and upset with mixed feelings.

A man with a good sense of humour will always have a woman by his side or a plethora of women within his inner circle who enjoy his company because of his carefree attitude.

Women are drawn to men who can make them laugh and humour is easily rated as top 3 traits women seek in a man. If you can make a woman laugh you have almost won her over.

If you can make other laugh you hold a very powerful tool that will be useful throughout your whole life. Every human runs on emotions and if you can create laughter or make others smiles – you have the key to their emotions.

Women never leave the side of a man who can make them laugh.

2. Have balls.
Pardon the cliché but your success in life and business is at the mercy of you having a set of balls and by that I mean being a man of action, testosterone, decision and fearlessness.

Anything worthy of being recorded, archived and remembered in history was done so because someone had some balls to do it.

It sounds simple, it is a common phrase, it is easy for someone to say it to another but it is always easier said than done. If you recount history and achievements or adversity overcome by mankind it is possible because of this exact trait.

Whether it is the damage Julius Caesar did or rise of the Apple Inc by Steve Jobs – either man had to take action laced with fearless risks through razor sharp decision making with complete disregard for failure.

Having a strong set of balls will separate you from the weak-pack. In business it is the salesman or business owner who always asks for a deal or attempts to negotiate a price when he knows the price is set firm and there is no room for negotiation he will always take that extra shot, all the time, every time.

A man with balls will say something if he has something to say no matter what the “possible” opinion of others around him.

Having a strong set of balls will also enable you to exercise the greatest word known to mankind: “no“. Judge a man by what he says no to not what he says yes to or accepts.

A mans ballsyness can be determined and measured by his threshold to go the extra mile (no pun intended), in everyday situations.

Are you not going to try something because your friends said it won’t work? How far are you willing to go to get it? Your success, progress and achievements in life all depend on your balls or if you even have any.

If you have non it will be very obvious you will live in a sheltered safe world by following the herd mentality and taking the safest path in life.

Accept your manhood and never leave any stone unturned. A man with balls makes moves. The ultimate and final definitive factor of a man with balls is are you willing to take the neccessary actions to leave a legacy.

Being a ballsy risk taker will leave you with a legacy on earth long after your gone. If you have goals set and having a statue of yourself is not on your list of top 3 achievements or even on your goals list.

Stop. Re-write your goals since you are not thinking big enough – You need to set higher, bigger brighter goals. Be Fearless in your endeavours.


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