How getting in shape will increase your success with women

How getting in shape will increase your success with women


Throughout the years of the existence of studying game, there are certain dating standards that are thrown at guys as if they were truths written by God’s own hand: you must cold approach daily, do not take a girl to dinner on the first date, isolate, isolate, and isolate.

While many of these are absolute fundamentals in an aspiring player’s repertoire, the one that always seemed unrealistic was “looks don’t matter.”
Seduction material can come from two different directions:

1. Genuinely learned and tested theories that become apparent to anyone over time, or

2. Some dude is trying to sell a book by trying to reach as many potential buyers as possible

When it comes to “looks don’t matter,” there may be some true in both spheres, but it is way more sales hype than anything else. How do I know?

I have gone fom a weak skinny dude to a ripped one.
It is true. Up until seven years ago, I was a skinny dude.
It sounds like I am setting up to make the argument for blowing up the “looks don’t matter” argument, but truthfully I did pretty well for myself back then.

In terms of how often I would get laid, it has not changed since I gained muscle. The problem was that the quality of women I was hooking up with was mediocre.
On my 25th birthday, I decided to do an experiment that would test my ability to accomplish whatever goal I set my mind to, as well as tested the concept that “looks don’t matter.”

I promised myself one year to stay totally focused on my diet and exercise habits everyday, except for a Sunday cheat day.
And I did not let myself down. I went to the gym everyday, and maintained an impeccable diet. I did way more lifting than I had ever done, and I whittled myself down on a fairly slow pace.

I made it all manageable because I was creating a lifestyle focused on healthy living, rather than dieting for a few months and falling right back into bad habits.

People began to call me hot, and I had the makings of a fledgling six-pack. I had far surpassed my goal, and had actually entered into a fairly elite fitness level.
The key was consistency. I never made an excuse to skip a workout, and I rarely broke my diet.

But, there were larger questions to be answered, most importantly, the effect that the weight loss had on women:

1. Without a doubt, for the first time in my life, I was getting very obvious Indicators of Interest. It made me feel so uncomfortable I could not figure out what to do with it for months. Women would stare at me in grocery stores, try to catch my gaze at bars, and even, once, stopped their car to tell me I was cute.

Completely surreal.

2. Whenever I get involved in an interaction, there’s a hell of a lot less resistance than there used to be. Women more easily laugh at my stupid sense of humor, I have to do less negging, and I get rejected a lot less.

When I was skinny my game had to be super tight, now I can get away with a hell of a lot more, which usually leads to a much more enjoyable interaction.

3. This is rare, but some girls just want to fuck me now. They do not want any bullshit interactions, they do not want to be romanced, they do not want to be gamed – they just want to get fucked by a
guy they think has a hot body.

It is fantastic.

4. When I am having sex with women, they are a lot more forward in their enthusiasm to have sex. When I was skinny, it was not that she did or did not enjoy it, but I knew that I had worked my way into it, and I would have to work her until she realized I am great in bed.

But now that women sexually attracted to me physically, it is just a much hotter interaction from the beginning. They want to touch me more, they want to feel my body on them more, they like the way my muscles feel, etc.

5. There is a complete improvement in the quality of women I have been able to hook up with. While in the past I typically hooked up with 7s  with the occasional 8, that number bumped up a step to where I regularly hook up with 8s, 9s and 10s.

I am not going to blow smoke up your ass. Everybody knows that exercise and having a healthy diet are good for themselves. Everybody that is overweight wants to get skinnier both to better their lives and to just feel better in general.

Whatever. From my perspective all the work and dedication was worth it just to improve the quality of women in my life. So to answer the initial question, is a guy’s ability to meet women dependent on how good he looks? Of course not. Can it improve quality of woman and quality of interaction? Hell yes.


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