How to get up in the morning

How to get up in the morning


This is a common problem for a lot of young guys, and one that I have experienced to probably the fullest extent possible. All through high school and the first two years of university I was constantly sleep deprived due to my messed up sleep schedule.

Almost every night I would stay up to 2, 3, or 4 in the morning, usually due to some combination of browsing the internet and jerking off.

At the very worst times, my sleep schedule was pretty much reversed and I was falling asleep at 9-10am and waking up at 6-7pm. Few things feel worse than hearing your roommates’ alarm clocks go off as you are trying to fall asleep.

At one point I started drinking beer to make me fall asleep, and I drank to much and did not get up the next morning. On weekend nights I would go out drinking and think “Well, at least this will help me get to sleep at a reasonable time (~3AM)”.

Having been through this (and now having a healthy sleep schedule) I know what works and what does not. That being said, much of this advice is relative to how bad the problem is for you or how “deep” it runs.

It might be just a few hours here or there, but other times it is symptomatic of a life and lifestyle that needs a complete overhaul (like I said, I was about as bad as you can get).

Here are some actionable steps mixed in with more general advice.

Wake up at the same time for a set number of days
As with anything, consistency and repetition is key. Make it non-negotiable for yourself and wake up at an early time (I suggest 5am), and drive the non-negotiable aspect into your subconscious as you are going to bed every night.

Do not miss a single day..

If you wake up at 5am for 30 days straight then you will never have problems with your sleep schedule again.

Drink a ton of water as soon as you wake up
This is simple but it makes a massive difference. You are dehydrated when you wake up in the morning, so have a bottle of water next to your bed and chug the entire thing as soon as you wake up.

It would not be pleasant, but you will feel the effects within 5 minutes and this is by far the quickest and easiest thing to implement that makes the biggest difference.

Have something to wake up for
Back when my sleep schedule was really messed up, it was this breakfast that I could look forward to in the morning to motivate me get out of bed. Nowadays it is my work and this blog.

In fact,  when i lived in Barcelona I often did not sleep enough because every morning as soon as I woke up I would enthusiastically get out of bed to start my day.

Sleeping in is not a problem if you are legitimately looking forward to what you have to do each day. If this is not possible, then just find one small thing that you can look forward to/enjoy in the morning that will help you get up.

Final Thoughts
If there is interest then I will do more comprehensive posts on how to fix your sleep schedule. Like I said, I have experienced this to about as extreme as you can get (consistently waking up at 5am/5pm), and I also took extreme measures to get from one to the other.

I could write quite a bit about this. A few potential topics are:

The role of meditation in falling asleep at night
How to stop thinking so much when you’re lying in bed
Mindset and limiting beliefs that can prevent you from fixing your sleep schedule (I am a night owl, etc.)
Some simple but effective daily habits that make it much easier to have a healthy sleep schedule
If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then please leave a comment below.

Also take a look at this post on how to feel more energized just by sleeping


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