How to use your phone gaming girls


You only need one tool as a player and that is your cell phone. Everything will
happen from that little device, so take care of it. More sex that you can imagine will flow  from the circuitry of your mobile phone.

I know it is the single most crucial tool, because when mine died today on the subway, I was useless. I threw in the towel. There is always the back up of pen and paper, but it makes the whole exchange awkward and obvious.

You will use your phone in the initial moments of the encounter, often to signal subconsciously your intent to take down her number. If it is a crowded place and you feel she may not want to advertise the fact she is giving you her number, then you need to have her whisper it to you.

Girls love to do this. It has an illicit feel, and may actually be a bit dangerous if there is a boyfriend nearby.

You will use the phone to send mass texts and then to work your phone game.

Once a girl has committed to a meeting you will use the phone to watch for her arrival downstairs. As you can see, it is a vital instrument. Make sure yours in durable and that you have good reception in your apartment, which is an obvious point, but I just upgraded and my phone is so fickle and the reception frustratingly weak.

All my game goes through my phone. One note that I will return to when I discuss closing is that you have to make sure you know how to silence your phone.

This is important if you are double or triple booking because when a girl is over at your house getting your intense attention, you do not want the phone ringing or vibrating. It will disturb your moves and it would not take long for her to realize that since you have had an exclusively textbased
relationship with her, the incoming texts are probably from other girls in line
(which they are).

So as you build your inventory of numbers, you will need to learn the art of texting.

The first rule is to send out a blast with something that sounds personal like, “How you enjoying this beautiful day, babe? You will get back a stream of texts over the next few hours.

They will break down into several categories:

Who is this?
Hey, yeah it’s nice out.
-no response
What are you doing?

Learning how to manage your female inventory will determine how well you do as a single man. It all comes down to this because you w ill not have further physical contact with these women unless you can get them to meet.

It is nice to establish a bit of a text rapport with these women, on a two day cycle. Just say hi, comment on the weather, ask them what they are doing, etc.

Keep it light and casual. A challenge is to move beyond the telemarketer paradigm. As you get a nice stock of numbers, you will start to find that some do not respond to your mass texts, or respond intermittingly.

For these women, you have become a telemarketer. Their POV is
that some guy they met briefly is texting them a bland message a few times a week.

They may not even read them. These are likely goners, but you can recover a few using customization. For those girls you remember as particularly sexy, flirty, curvy, fun, etc. make the effort to craft a personalized message such as,

“Christy, how did the manicure go? I bet those beautiful hands of yours are looking quite fine!” or something equally

She may still not respond, but at least your message will register as directed only to her. Pique her interest just a bit and you are on your way to getting her to commit to meeting for a drink.

Once you have got a nice group of female text partners you can start looking to the week ahead. Get a planner. Every night you should be booking at least two girls, one at 9, and one at 10.

Send out a text the day-of. For example, if you want to see the girls on
Tuesday, send out a text Tuesday at noon saying, “Let’s grab a drink tonight…” Ellipses are a very helpful way to suggest an ongoing conversation.

A few of the girls will be available that night; many will not. The ones who give you lip such as, “Didn’t your mother teach you to give a girl proper notice?”, can be fun to tease, but if you sense a serious tone they are probably difficult women, and I would avoid them, or give them some witty comeback.

The ones who say yeah, sure, book them right then. Here is an actual example of a girl from today:

ME: Let’s grab a drink tonight
SHE: Sounds good… Can we meet on the later side?
ME: Yes. 9:30?
SHE: Ok great where shall we go?
ME: Meet me at “random place” and we’ll figure out.
SHE: Ok I’ll meet you there at 9:30?
ME: Perfect.

I met her an hour ago. She would not come up, so I walked her a block to a bench and talked to get a better feel (it was a nice night out and I needed to take the garbage down).

I told her after fifteen minutes that we wanted different things and sent her on her way.

Learn to do this right so you are not spending your own money. She was nice, so I did not feel right telling her to get lost – she had come several miles and was all done-up.

But, upon closer examination I was not that sexually interested. And, I had another two girls – one I have already had sex with, another who is a good prospect – lined up if I had wanted it.

As the example above makes clear, it is possible, in as little as four texts, to
transition a girl from a random setting (I met her last week smoking a cigarette outside a restaurant) to my door at no cost or hassle to myself.

You do not need to do anything cute here. Just get her to the door. Now you have choices – you can take her out on a date, or you can bring her in and get to work on some lovemaking.


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