Why a gentleman should write a diary

Why every man should write a diary
Why every man should write a diary

Do you remember what you did last summer?

No, because in life a lot of things happen and if you do not write them down you can not remember them. Why is this bad? Well, you have a fun life with a lot of cool stuff going on.

It is not a shame to fight to experience all these things, without ever remembering them again? Just like when you get drunk and have a crazy night ā€“ without being able to remember it afterwards.

I spent yesterday reading through my diary for the past year. And it was so much fun, so many ups and downs and exhillerating moments. It is kind of like being there again. Like you experience the rush of the money made, women conquered, sports played or whatever makes you heart beat once again.

You feel everything again, and it is so much better tha watching a movie.

Where are you going?
Also, I think it is healthy to reflect on our life, where youre going, what youve been doing, how you are progressing, etc. I do not think you can do that if you do not take a pause every day. Just do it a couple of minutes. Write down what went well, what went bad, what you learned, or maybe just the highlights of your day.

Planning for success
You know how hard it is just to remember the past month, so imagine how impossible it will be to remember the past 300. But with a diary, your biography is already written.

It is all there ā€“ you can pick out the best content, publish and give value back to the world.

You will always be able to read through the diary of your life, and you will be able to re-experience all the amazing things you have done.

Your children and grandchildren can read the adventures of their inspirational forefather.

You can also use your diary to refresh the most important lessons from your life. Like homework but way more useful since you only write down what is relevant to you.

Action plan
Make it a habit to write your diary every night. Just a couple of minutes, a few notes. You can do it on the computer or in a good old notebook, it does not matter, the most important thing is to you get started and make it a habit.

Thank me later.


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