Here is the supplement of all supplements

The supplement of all supplements
There are almost too many potential health benefits to count when it comes to
consuming whey protein — but whey protein isolate, in particular, is higher in protein and
lower in lactose than whey concentrate.

Here are the top four reasons it should be part of your personal muscle plan.

Lose fat and preserve muscle
Researchers in Minnesota conducted a 12-week study where subjects’ daily caloric intake
was reduced by 500 calories. Then some participants were given whey and the rest were
given an isocaloric mix beverage.

Those consuming whey lost significantly more body fat (6.1% total) and better preserved their muscles. If you have an urge to snack on something, try a whey protein shake.

Increase size and strength
Researchers at Baylor University in Waco, TX, took 19 men performing resistance
training over a 10-week period and gave some of them 14 grams of whey and casein
protein along with 6 grams of free amino acids, while giving the rest a 20-gram placebo.

Those who consumed the whey combo had greater increases in fat-free mass and muscle

Reduce hunger
Australian researchers had 28 obese men consume four different drinks. Those who
consumed the beverage containing 50 grams of whey had significantly reduced levels of
ghrelin (a hormone that tells your brain you’re hungry) up to four hours later.

So instead of munching on unhealthy party snacks, drink a protein shake beforehand.

Boost immunity
University of Alberta researchers found that male subjects involved in strenuous aerobic
activity suffered from significantly reduced glutathione levels that could impact such things
as the nervous, gastrointestinal, and immune systems.

However, they also discovered that by supplementing with whey protein, the subjects experienced significantly less reduction in glutathione levels. If you like extended cardio sessions, but do not want to risk compromising your body’s immune response and more, combat those effects with whey.

How much do you need?
I personally recommend looking for whey protein isolate with no less than 24 grams of
protein per serving, and no more than 5 grams of carbohydrates. Go with whey protein in
the AM and post workout.


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