How to lose weight fast

How to lose weight fast

How to lose weight fast

For years, most exercise programs focused almost exclusively on only one kind of cardiovascular exercise, but that it no longer the case. There is a new kind of exercise that is exploding in popularity and it is called “high intensity interval training” – and it’s a welcome add-on to traditional “steady state” exercise.

If you are wondering about interval weight training and those extra pounds around your waist, then we might have gratifying news.

Steady State Exercise & Weight Loss Exercise Programs
Most of our most popular exercising regimes – like pedaling a bike, doing laps in a pool, jogging in the fresh air or walking briskly through a park – are referred to as steady state exercise because our activity level is fairly consistent. Individual experience and medical science recommends this type of exercise as a high-octane way to burn fat because we need the energy to execute these activities and our bodies use fat to provide the fuel for that essential energy.

Have you ever exercised and found that you were depleted in only minutes or were urgently pumping your lungs, attempting to inhale more air? If that is occurred, you have overdone your exercise and you are absolutely not burning fat efficiently.

Bad idea. Tens of thousands of people are dedicated to steady state exercise because they’ve lost lots of pounds by sticking with it.

High Intensity Interval Training
Interval training is not “slow and steady wins the race” – instead, it’s about extremely intense activity, followed by low intensity recovery sessions. If you sprint as fast as possible for about 30 seconds and alternate this with a two minute, much slower run, then duplicate the sequence for 20 minutes, you’re practicing interval training.

The consequences of such strenuous exercise are satisfying – for a minimum of 24 hours you will ignite calories like a furnace. A brilliant new star in gyms and fitness programs, interval training is exploding in popularity.

Interval training workouts are outstanding choices for individuals who do not have much time to exercise because these heart-pounding sessions should not occur more than three times each week. Interval training and fat loss will only happen if the strength of your workout is really, really high.

The end of your exercise periods should actually be painful and some suggest that if they do not feel like throwing up they are not doing it ‘correctly’.

Too extreme? An interval training program does not suit numerous people who believe it is too hard on the body. For those who avoid extremes, a more traditional, steady weight loss exercise workout is the solution. On the well-known 1-10 scale expect to engage in steady state exercise at least to a 5, if you expect to lose weight.

A window-shopping stroll is preferable to sitting in a chair, but you will not lose weight.

So If An Interval Training Program Is Tough, Why Bother?
Some physically fit people love interval training, whereas others detest it, so make a choice that you can be comfortable with. If it is tough, though – why bother? Simply because your weight loss exercise program will cause the weight to fall off fast, fast, fast!


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