How to talk to her in bed

How to talk to her in bed

You may think you have sealed the deal just because she is in your bed — but what you say in the next few hours means everything when it comes to whether or not she will want to repeat the experience.

And you will get more second chances when you realize that some of the stuff that turns you on — reassuming us you have had plenty of experience, revealing compliments you have received for your performances — can actually be weird to the women.

Avoid that by learning what you should — and should not — say after you do the deed.

1. When she is good at giving a blow job
Say: That feels so amazing.
Do not say: Oh my god, you are soooo good.

Hearing how “soooooo good” she is makes her self-conscious. You say that and she starts to wonder if you think she is good because you think she has done this a lot. And then she starts to think about whether you are comparing her skills to the skills of other women you have been with.

It is best to avoid this scenario by describing the feeling instead of giving her a performance evaluation. Just sit back, enjoy the ride, and if you think you are about to say something dumb, you probably are.

So keep your yap shut so she do not shut hers.

2. If she is not your usual type but you still enjoyed yourself
Say: You are so hot. I love your [G-rated body part].
Do not say: Normally, I like bigger/smaller boobs/hips/butts, but yours is great.

Keep those opinions to yourself, and focus on all her other notable attributes. Keep in mind that under no circumstances do women ever want to hear anything that would make them think they are looked at as anything less than a goddess.

When you are with them and especially when you are naked, make sure you remember that.

3. If she asks you what you liked best
Say: I loved making you feel good.
Do not say: I really liked when you gave me oral.

It is a bated question, and the reason they ask it is because they want reassurance about how much you are into them. When you say you liked something they did to you, it makes them feel like your pleasure was more important to you than theirs.

Prove you were just as focused on how good they felt, and they will be hungry for seconds.

4. When you are in the moment and want her to know it
Say: *Moaning* Oh yeah! *Moaning* Oh! *Moaning* My! *Moaning* God! *Moaning*
Do not say: F*** me!

This comes down to personal preference, but I think it is chivalrous to let a lady take the lead when it comes to dirty talk.

5. When you are planning for round two the next morning
Say: I would love to try that wine bar you mentioned — interested in drinks tonight?
Do not say: So, you wanna come over later?

Even if you both admitted you are just looking for something casual, it is nice to meet in public first. Not only does it give you a chance to get to know each other out of bed, but if you only invite her to your place, she may assume you are embarrassed to be seen with her or are hiding her from a girlfriend or wife.

And honestly, is shelling out a few bucks on drinks before you get down and dirty really that big of a burden? No, it is not.


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