How to text a girl: part 2

How to text a girl

We are in an age where most of the phone communication with women you are seducing, dating or in a serious relationship with will be via texting rather than talking on the phone. A huge percentage of my successful online game and open/poly relationship game is done via texting, since I almost never talk to women over the phone.

It has just become so second-nature to me I never really think about it.

Text game is the same as online game in that it will not actually get you laid, but it can provide the framework for getting laid and if you do it wrong it will prevent you from getting laid. Unless you are having full-on “text sex” with an established girlfriend, you will never be able to send a chick a text that will instantly make her stop what she is doing, drive over to your house and leap on your cock.

However, you can easily send a text that will repulse a chick and ensure youwill never hear from her again, or at least never again in a sexual context. That is easy, and guys do it all the time.

The Core
Effective texting means you are always maintain the same frame in your texts that you (should) have in your real-life pickup, seduction, and relationship interactions. That boils down to four things:

Outcome Independent

If you constantly remember those four things when texting chicks and always have your texts reflect those things, your text game will never sabotage you. Your goal is to maintain those four frames especially when she does not.

Here are some examples of what I mean.

Her: You said you would be here at 5pm and it is 5:10 wtf???
You: I had to stop and order a pizza. Youare not getting any though. I ate it all. 🙂

Her: Um, who is that other girl on Facebook who commented about your Seattle trip?
You: Another girl on my Facebook? Does she have big boobs? Mmmmm.

Her: I have really thought alot about this and I just do not think I can be with you any more. Larry really treats me like a lady I and guess I need his stability right now. I really care for you and think you are a great guy and I really wanted to move forward with you but you seem unwilling to do that.
You: Ok
(then ignore her response)

Her: You know Wednesday’s my birthday and I really liked those earrings I saw at Nordstrom’s that one time.
You: Hey that is a good idea, you should totally buy yourself those earrings for your birthday! Treat yourself baby you deserve it.

You can see in all of the above examples where most normal men would respond with logic, explanations, defensiveness, or even anger. All of those things are really bad, especially over texts where things like voice, body language, and physical aura are completely absent.

Tone down sarcasm
Notice I said “Funny”, but not “Cocky and Funny”. It took me a long time to figure this out, but sarcasm does not translate well over texts, even if you are normally a sarcastic guy and she understands that.

Unless you are very verbally skilled and have the four frames above as rock-solid, I would avoid being sarcastic over texts until you feel you really have it down. Be funny. Be witty. Just do not be sarcastic.

If you choose to be sarcastic over texting, do so sparingly and always, always end your sarcastic statements with smiley faces (just like in the first example above).

If you have not yet had sex with the woman at least twice yet, I would really avoid the sarcasm until you lock her in by having sex with her twice. Then you can relax, a little. Even with women you have ongoing relationships with you need to really watch text sarcasm.

I am a very sarcastic type of person and years ago when I was figuring all this out I did indeed lose potential lays because of sarcasm over texts.

Timing is key
A common piece of advice is to respond to a woman’s tests as fast as she responds to yours. If she takes 20 minutes to respond to you, you wait 20 minutes or even more before responding back to her.

I suppose I agree with this advice in principle, but only to a point. Some women will really take a long time to respond to your texts. With some of those 18 and 19 year-olds you will be waiting an entire day or two for a response sometimes.

Some of those hard-working 29 year-olds will often go all day long without responding. You send her a text at 10:00am, and you get your response at 8:30pm that evening.

Once you actually do get a response from her, I do not think purposely waiting around to respond to her just to show her you are a cool person is a very effective strategy. Do not play games. Receive her text, wait a few minutes, and then just text her back.

Responding to her sooner rather than later is actually more effective since you know A) she still has her phone in her hand, B) she is available to text, and C) she is in a “texting mood”. Nothing wrong with that at all. I do it all the time and it works well.

If you want to know more about gaming girls over the phone read two of my previous articles on the subject:

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How to talk to her in bed

How to talk to her in bed

You may think you have sealed the deal just because she is in your bed — but what you say in the next few hours means everything when it comes to whether or not she will want to repeat the experience.

And you will get more second chances when you realize that some of the stuff that turns you on — reassuming us you have had plenty of experience, revealing compliments you have received for your performances — can actually be weird to the women.

Avoid that by learning what you should — and should not — say after you do the deed.

1. When she is good at giving a blow job
Say: That feels so amazing.
Do not say: Oh my god, you are soooo good.

Hearing how “soooooo good” she is makes her self-conscious. You say that and she starts to wonder if you think she is good because you think she has done this a lot. And then she starts to think about whether you are comparing her skills to the skills of other women you have been with.

It is best to avoid this scenario by describing the feeling instead of giving her a performance evaluation. Just sit back, enjoy the ride, and if you think you are about to say something dumb, you probably are.

So keep your yap shut so she do not shut hers.

2. If she is not your usual type but you still enjoyed yourself
Say: You are so hot. I love your [G-rated body part].
Do not say: Normally, I like bigger/smaller boobs/hips/butts, but yours is great.

Keep those opinions to yourself, and focus on all her other notable attributes. Keep in mind that under no circumstances do women ever want to hear anything that would make them think they are looked at as anything less than a goddess.

When you are with them and especially when you are naked, make sure you remember that.

3. If she asks you what you liked best
Say: I loved making you feel good.
Do not say: I really liked when you gave me oral.

It is a bated question, and the reason they ask it is because they want reassurance about how much you are into them. When you say you liked something they did to you, it makes them feel like your pleasure was more important to you than theirs.

Prove you were just as focused on how good they felt, and they will be hungry for seconds.

4. When you are in the moment and want her to know it
Say: *Moaning* Oh yeah! *Moaning* Oh! *Moaning* My! *Moaning* God! *Moaning*
Do not say: F*** me!

This comes down to personal preference, but I think it is chivalrous to let a lady take the lead when it comes to dirty talk.

5. When you are planning for round two the next morning
Say: I would love to try that wine bar you mentioned — interested in drinks tonight?
Do not say: So, you wanna come over later?

Even if you both admitted you are just looking for something casual, it is nice to meet in public first. Not only does it give you a chance to get to know each other out of bed, but if you only invite her to your place, she may assume you are embarrassed to be seen with her or are hiding her from a girlfriend or wife.

And honestly, is shelling out a few bucks on drinks before you get down and dirty really that big of a burden? No, it is not.


How working out will make you stronger mentally


How is exercise good for your mind?

You know that feeling you get when you sip on a good cup of coffee, the friendly yet firm kick it gives you, arousing you mentally and giving you that extra edge? It is great!

Unfortunately, as we all know, too much of the black stuff is not great for us. It can cause a lot of stress in the body.

What if there was something else that could give you this same kick as coffee, without the negative side effects?

The good news is: there is!

The not so good news is: you have to actually move – it is exercise!

Fitness and productivity just go together. No denying it.

There is no need to break into a cold sweat though. This doesnot mean you need to drop and give me 60 or sign your free time away to train for a triathlon. What it does mean is that exercising regularly is a sure way to relieve stress, enhance mental clarity, empower your mind, energise your body, help you sleep, make you feel calmer and ultimately make you more productive.

Exercise relieves stress and enhances mental clarity.

When you exercise, especially cardio – running, cycling, and swimming – feel good neurotransmitters called endorphins are released in your brain making you feel better and more relaxed.

This super happy hormone also fights against the stress hormone cortisol thus reducing stress is the body.

It is a no brainer really, exercise makes us feel better.

What usually happens when you are stressed? Do you have a cigarette? Some chocolate maybe? Does it take a glass of wine for you to decompress in the evenings? Would it not make more sense if you could relieve this stress in a healthy more constructive way? Exercise can do this. It helps to clear your mind and gives you time to process.

It empowers your mind and energises your body.

When your brain is a mush of ideas, obstacles, problems and questions, there id just no clarity. You will not be surprised to hear me say that exercise can help here too. I actually think this is one of the most significant benefits of exercise.

When I run, sometimes I think, sometimes I do not. The silence and solitude enables me to gain more perspective. It allows me to go within and look for answers or find peace. It is quite often a meditative activity.

It is also a space to think things through, outside the box, with a calmer perspective. Think about it. Concentrating on just what you are doing – running – removes the focus from the stressor.

Concentrating on the movement of your body, your feet on the pavement or the sounds of your breath helps you to remove yourself from your mind and allows you to let go of whatever it is that is causing you stress or pain giving you a fresh viewpoint on things.

We live a lot in the mind; we become our thoughts and the constant traffic of tasks. Imagine getting away from that regularly? How much more focused and in control would you feel?

I had no outlet to manage the stress that I was bringing home after a day/weeks work. My mind was often a wash with a multitude of thoughts and problems with no more ‘head space’ to think things through –  so I took up running and lifting.

While getting fitter was one of my reasons for taking up running and lifting the primary driver was stress management. Running and lifting provided me with that ‘thinking time’. Time without the ‘pollution’ of daily work/life demands.

I am the only person in my head when I am running/exercising, there are no external distractions.

I have lost count of the number of work problems I have solved when out running.

Exercise gives you the mental edge.

We all know that sluggish feeling in the morning. Your body is moving but your mind has not switched on yet. Imagine the impact on your day if you had a dose of endorphins before your morning meetings?

Exercising first thing is daunting, it is tough, but it truly sets you up for a wonderfully effective day. It gives you a positive, fresh outlook and a real head start. Adding exercise to your day means your productivity will increase because you arrive to work energised, focused and more organised than before.

You will be able to think more clearly, your energy levels will be higher throughout the day, you will be less stressed, more creative and better prepared.

Just think about it – you have done a workout, had breakfast and are up and at them, feeling amazing – and all before 9am!

Working out helps improve sleep.

Sleeping better allows you to be more productive, energised and empowers your mind. If you’re the type of person whose sleep is interrupted when stressed or busy, you have probably lay awake on numerous occasions figuring things out in your mind, going over the day, planning for the next.

Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your mood and your productivity, we all know that feeling. Would it not make more sense to process all of this mind matter during a workout, at a time when you can actually make something of those thoughts?

Regular exercise boosts your self-image.

As you become fitter you feel more confident and enjoy your body more. Your body changes, your muscles firm up; your abs might even make an appearance. You begin to look at yourself differently, you feel good and have more confidence, all of this being great news for your personal life and your libido.

Yep, exercise is proven to boost sex drive, now if that is not a reason to dust off those trainers I do not know what is!

“But I just do not have the time to work out” you say…

I have heard this too many times. My response to this is – If Barack Obama can do it, you can too! His logic is that if he has his daily work out time, the rest of his time will be more productive. Try it.

Do not get me wrong, I know it takes time and planning. But if you have a job you schedule meetings and tasks, why can not exercise be one of these tasks? If you want to live a balanced, healthy life exercise needs to be a major player in it.

It does not have to be a long distance run or anything too strenuous. Start slow and build up, do what is right for you, 20 minutes of exercise can have incredible benefits on your body and mind.

Practical ways to fit exercise into your life:

  • Get up earlier and fit your workout in before work. You have done it for an important meeting so you can absolutely do it for yourself. Getting up earlier is incredibly uplifting; you feel so connected and it gives you an extra edge to seize new opportunities with lots of energy and inspiration. Get into a routine and it will get easier.
  • Schedule a weekly meet with friends or a personl trainer. This becomes routine, something you do weekly like taking out the bins. When you organise to meet someone you are less likely to cancel. You are accountable to someone else which is hugely important when achieving goals.
  • Walk and talk. Are there meetings during your day that you can take outside instead of sitting in a stuffy room? Make your meetings walking meetings. When people are taken out of the usual office environment it gives space for a more relaxed and creative conversation. This is a great way to get not only the blood flowing, but the creative juices too.
  • Exercise at lunch is a fantastic way to get your workout down and energise your afternoon. Rather than feeling lethargic and sluggish after lunch you will feel rejuvenated and recharged. Get your workout in at lunch and free up your evening for personal time to have fun and rest.
  • Work out in work. Lots of companies organise corporate training which really helps to boost morale and productivity. We all know a healthy workforce is a happy one and happy people are more productive.

There’s nothing better than setting yourself a goal of working out and achieving it.

You feel like you can take on the world.

You feel so powerful and invincible afterwards.

This feeling of empowerment and strength that exercise gives transfers into other areas of life without you even realising it, giving you a more productive, positive, healthy life.


How to text a girl

How to text a girl
How to text a girl

It did not occur to me until a handful of years ago, how much improvement my text game needed. Face to face with a girl, I generally considered myself a charmer with a playful vibe and good stories about adventures abroad.

However, sometimes that humor does not transcend well into texting. I either get too silly, use too many smiley faces and have a hard time holding frame and getting the girl to pursue me.

So i decided to improve my text game with girls, and from and i want to share my experience of what works.

Here are five tips to texting I have learned along the way:

5. Turn off auto-capitalization 
Now when you text a girl, it has a much more laid back feeling.

4. Do not use question marks, exclamation points, emoticons
For one, they just are not necessary. Your humor and wit should be conveyed without any of these features. You can laugh a bit, but do not do it often. Remember, your life is awesome and full of cool things and you do not have time to waste by texting girls.

Hit her up, drop a bit of charm and plan the date.

3. Grammar is unimportant
Again, it just makes you more laid-back.

2. Take your time
If she responds back in 15 minutes, hit her back in 20. If she waits 2 hours, you get back to her in 2.5-3 hours. It does not have to be exact, just remember that it all comes back to respect.

If she does not respect your time by responding promptly, she does not deserve a quick response.

It is human nature that when you send a text, you naturally check your phone within 1-5 minutes for a response. If you have more discipline, you will put your phone on silent and put it in the opposite corner of the room, while you fill your time with productive things like working on yourself, your business or meeting more women.

Kick the validation habit of expecting a text quickly. The slow burn is powerful, as most chicks are surrounded by beta orbiters hungry for their attention.

1. What works
After trial and error, I now have a pretty simple pattern. If I meet a girl I say, “it’s…the sexy guy from (where we met)” If they are into me, they will respond back enthusiastically and if not, I move on.

Then I chill back for a day or two, and begin the conversation with:

Me: “hey cutie (or sexy), how is your day going”
Her: “blah blah.. you?”
Me: (something cool I did, usually involving one of my strengths and chicks dig a guy who are good at something.) Find out, what you are good at and play by it.
Her: blah blah
Me: “let’s grab a drink sometime”
Her: (either a yes or a no, it is just to see if she is interested)
Me: “cool, let’s hit up “random” lounge, bar, whatever they have the best cocktails in town, hows tuesday or thursday at 9″ (Give her to options, you are a busy man, and you are busy the rest of the week. Also, her response will show you if she is busy, available or simply not interested.
Her: (either a yes, no or maybe (which usually means no). If she counteroffers with another day, that is a good sign. If she says, “maybe next week” that is generally a terrible sign and she wants more validation as she is demanding that you ask her out again if you want a shot with her. Wait a week, reinitiate the conversation and see what happens.)

I do not think texting can be more stripped down.
Oh, and one more thing.
Be aware of shit tests.

I have seen this a lot, where a girl will respond with “I’m not a big drinker, but how about dinner.”

First off, that is arrogant and entitled that if someone asks you out for a free and delicious alcoholic beverage that you respond with “No, how about you spend 3x-4x as much so you can fill my belly.”

Plus, nobody feels sexy after eating plates of Italian or Chinese food.

Your response?

“water for you then, but random place has the best cocktails in town. how bout Thursday at 9”

In that response I teased her by saying she can only have water, and ignored her demand for dinner. Then I went right back into my offer, and spiced it up with promising delicious cocktails.

Her response will reveal where she stands with you.
In fact, the better you get at game, the more you are learning how to filter girls out as quickly as possible.

She lives 45-60 minutes drive away? Rejected, as she is geographically undesirable.

She has kids? Definitely not.

She is a 7 but has a ton of attitude? Nope, plenty of better behaved girls who will respect my time.

Guys, what are your big issues when it comes to text? Drop a comment below and let’s help each other.

If you like to know more abot how to use your phone gaming girls read this.


How to use your phone gaming girls


You only need one tool as a player and that is your cell phone. Everything will
happen from that little device, so take care of it. More sex that you can imagine will flow  from the circuitry of your mobile phone.

I know it is the single most crucial tool, because when mine died today on the subway, I was useless. I threw in the towel. There is always the back up of pen and paper, but it makes the whole exchange awkward and obvious.

You will use your phone in the initial moments of the encounter, often to signal subconsciously your intent to take down her number. If it is a crowded place and you feel she may not want to advertise the fact she is giving you her number, then you need to have her whisper it to you.

Girls love to do this. It has an illicit feel, and may actually be a bit dangerous if there is a boyfriend nearby.

You will use the phone to send mass texts and then to work your phone game.

Once a girl has committed to a meeting you will use the phone to watch for her arrival downstairs. As you can see, it is a vital instrument. Make sure yours in durable and that you have good reception in your apartment, which is an obvious point, but I just upgraded and my phone is so fickle and the reception frustratingly weak.

All my game goes through my phone. One note that I will return to when I discuss closing is that you have to make sure you know how to silence your phone.

This is important if you are double or triple booking because when a girl is over at your house getting your intense attention, you do not want the phone ringing or vibrating. It will disturb your moves and it would not take long for her to realize that since you have had an exclusively textbased
relationship with her, the incoming texts are probably from other girls in line
(which they are).

So as you build your inventory of numbers, you will need to learn the art of texting.

The first rule is to send out a blast with something that sounds personal like, “How you enjoying this beautiful day, babe? You will get back a stream of texts over the next few hours.

They will break down into several categories:

Who is this?
Hey, yeah it’s nice out.
-no response
What are you doing?

Learning how to manage your female inventory will determine how well you do as a single man. It all comes down to this because you w ill not have further physical contact with these women unless you can get them to meet.

It is nice to establish a bit of a text rapport with these women, on a two day cycle. Just say hi, comment on the weather, ask them what they are doing, etc.

Keep it light and casual. A challenge is to move beyond the telemarketer paradigm. As you get a nice stock of numbers, you will start to find that some do not respond to your mass texts, or respond intermittingly.

For these women, you have become a telemarketer. Their POV is
that some guy they met briefly is texting them a bland message a few times a week.

They may not even read them. These are likely goners, but you can recover a few using customization. For those girls you remember as particularly sexy, flirty, curvy, fun, etc. make the effort to craft a personalized message such as,

“Christy, how did the manicure go? I bet those beautiful hands of yours are looking quite fine!” or something equally

She may still not respond, but at least your message will register as directed only to her. Pique her interest just a bit and you are on your way to getting her to commit to meeting for a drink.

Once you have got a nice group of female text partners you can start looking to the week ahead. Get a planner. Every night you should be booking at least two girls, one at 9, and one at 10.

Send out a text the day-of. For example, if you want to see the girls on
Tuesday, send out a text Tuesday at noon saying, “Let’s grab a drink tonight…” Ellipses are a very helpful way to suggest an ongoing conversation.

A few of the girls will be available that night; many will not. The ones who give you lip such as, “Didn’t your mother teach you to give a girl proper notice?”, can be fun to tease, but if you sense a serious tone they are probably difficult women, and I would avoid them, or give them some witty comeback.

The ones who say yeah, sure, book them right then. Here is an actual example of a girl from today:

ME: Let’s grab a drink tonight
SHE: Sounds good… Can we meet on the later side?
ME: Yes. 9:30?
SHE: Ok great where shall we go?
ME: Meet me at “random place” and we’ll figure out.
SHE: Ok I’ll meet you there at 9:30?
ME: Perfect.

I met her an hour ago. She would not come up, so I walked her a block to a bench and talked to get a better feel (it was a nice night out and I needed to take the garbage down).

I told her after fifteen minutes that we wanted different things and sent her on her way.

Learn to do this right so you are not spending your own money. She was nice, so I did not feel right telling her to get lost – she had come several miles and was all done-up.

But, upon closer examination I was not that sexually interested. And, I had another two girls – one I have already had sex with, another who is a good prospect – lined up if I had wanted it.

As the example above makes clear, it is possible, in as little as four texts, to
transition a girl from a random setting (I met her last week smoking a cigarette outside a restaurant) to my door at no cost or hassle to myself.

You do not need to do anything cute here. Just get her to the door. Now you have choices – you can take her out on a date, or you can bring her in and get to work on some lovemaking.


How to attract girls


Often guys tell me that they have a real problem with the attraction phase of daygame.

When I was starting out, I had the same problem. I was a logical, introverted guy, so being playful and social were close to impossible for me. I did not even understand the concept of attraction until I gained more experience and saw other guys gaming women.

I would approach a girl and just have a conversation with her. No wonder I got no numbers, or I got a number but got no replies to my texts. I was not portraying attractive qualities.

There are many ways to attract a woman to you, but the main ones are:


The first one of these that I started to get a grasp of was Knowledge. Through talking to more and more women, I did learn more about their lives, their values and the places they came from.

I also took it upon myself to travel more and experience new cities and cultures. This gave me more to talk about.

So, when I met a girl from Barcelona, I could talk about my impressions of the city, having spent a 7 months there. When I met a girl from Jerusalem, I could talk about things that other girls from the city had told me.

Having knowledge and experience is an attractive quality in a guy. You do not lack topics upon which to talk and you can often frame the interaction in such a way that you are the teacher and she is the student, or you are the father figure and she is the little girl.

This way, you are creating attraction through authority.

Challenge her
Challenging is fairly simple, in that you are just trying to remain present and when the girl says something particularly ridiculous, you need to stamp down on her.

For example you will be talking and she will tell you that Britney Spears is far more talented than Beethoven ever was. This is where you tell how wrong she is.

The key with challenging is to choose your battles wisely, not do it too often and not get overly emotional about it. Try to do it like a big brother teaching his young and naive sister.

Knowledge and challenging are probably the least effective of the four areas that I mentioned above though.

The two others, Teasing and Push-Pull, require you to have a playful vibe to you and if you are in a very logical frame of mind, it is going to be very difficult to do these well.

This is where self-amusement comes in.

Walking the streets of your city for hours on end can sometimes become a little dispiriting, especially if you are still new to approaching attractive women and you are not getting very positive responses to your attempts.

Your vibe can go downhill and it is a downward spiral as the girls pick up on your low emotional state and decide that they do not want to be part of it.

As you get more experienced, it becomes easier to remain in a good state no matter what gets thrown at you. This is mainly due to having experienced hundreds of blow-outs.

You just do not care any more if some random girl ignores you or finds some reason not to talk to you. But it is partially due to learning new methods to keep your vibe positive.

Self-amusement is just approaching each girl with the frame of mind where you are just trying to see how much fun it is to spend time with her. This not only asserts a positive, fun atmosphere on the interaction from the beginning, but it also means you are qualifying her and not dependent on a positive outcome, both of which are attractive characteristics.

You can do all those fun things that made you laugh over the years. I like to do things like:

Pointing to her chest and telling her that she spilled food on her blouse, then when she looks down, tickling her chin with my fingers.

Asking really random questions like what kind of ice-cream she likes or whether she has ever walked a tight-rope.

Kicking her lightly on the leg.

‘Accidentally’ bumping into her.

Even if these do not make her laugh, they will make you crack up and increase your vibe. I have said many times before, the girl is a mirror. She will duplicate your vibe and as she has a very high affinity towards good emotions, she’ll like you more.

I remember being surprised when after I just had sex with a girl, pulled out and ejaculated on her chest, she told me that she loved giving me pleasure.

I used to think that unless a girl had an orgasm herself whilst you made love with her, she would be dissatisfied with your sexual abilities. Obviously you have to learn to give her orgasms also, but more often than not, a girl loves to make a man ejaculate.

She loves the good feelings that he gets through sexual ecstasy.

So anyway, even if the girl does not find your dumb jokes funny, she will still like you more because you feel good about yourself for doing them.

Teasing comes naturally when you are in this state of mind.

You can tell her that her pony-tail reminds you of a bratty little girl at your school when you were five.

You can pick bits of fluff off her clothes and accuse her of being too messy to make a good girlfriend.

You can tell her she looks like a scientist because of her geeky glasses.

Push-Pull becomes easier too because you are less bothered what the girl thinks about you, so you can push the boundaries a little.

You can tell her you love her this much (and hold up your hand which has the first finger and thumb an inch apart) and then tell her you hate her this much (by holding your arms far apart like a guy exaggerating on the size of his fishing catch).

You can tell her how you love her style, but you are not sure if her boots go with her coat.

You can tell her that her glasses make her look like a secretary. A sexy secretary.

Practice it
Attraction becomes much easier when you are feeling good vibes and going into an interaction with a girl from a frame of self-amusement helps push your vibes in a positive direction.

Give it a try and you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your enjoyment of the game and your results.

Gentleman game advice: How to stay in it with women

Gentleman game advice: How to stay in it with women

ts a burden1423939956063

When a man becomes a gentleman, he accept one thing: he will have to provide for himself. He acknowledges that women will not be showing up, knocking at his door, and begging him for sex.

This, of course, is true for the chumps that have not take the plunge yet as well. The difference is that they haven’t accepted this burden. They still live under the false pretense that women will find their way to them.

Somehow. Someway.

Even when a man knows what he must do, he may still struggle to see it done. Game is challenging at first– demoralizing, even. I know plenty of men who have not had the balls to persevere past the initial phases of rejection.

But if you do persevere past a certain point, you will reap the benefits of your time and effort. You will enter poosy paradise.

This article will cover exactly what this critical inflexion point is, and how to use it to your advantage.

Stage 1: Fear
Imagine you  are out at a venue with many attractive women. It is one of your first nights out with the explicit intention of gaming girls.

You notice everyone who looks your way, and feel the weight of their eyes on your shoulders. As you scan the room you notice a cute girl standing alone by the entrance. She is on her phone. She must be waiting for someone, you think.

In a room full of groups and pairs, this seems like the easiest catch of the night. You tell yourself, just do this one approach. Just go say hi.

And so you walk over to her and use that one opener that you memorized for tonight. “Hey, you seem cool. Are you friendly, too?”

She glances over at you and smiles. “Yes, I’m random name. What’s your name?”

She continues to reply warmly to your questions, but you feel like you’re running out of things to say– the clock is ticking. After a few minutes, you can not take it anymore. “It was nice to meet you. I got to go back and find my friends.”

This scenario is all too common. You struggle to even approach a single girl, and when you finally do, all you can think of is how to exit the interaction. It is like you do not even want to talk to her.

In fact, you really do not. It is uncomfortable for you, and so you take the first exit you find. Or maybe she responds very well and you put it off and take the second or third exit that presents itself.

Either way, you rarely extend an interaction past a few minutes and never push for rejection beyond the act of approaching.

Stage 2: Comfort
I am at the grocery store talking to a cute little brunette.

“Well, I have to finish up my shopping list and head home,” she says and walks away.

I am frustrated. How dare she walk away? I was just getting started. And that is when I realized I had crossed the bridge. At one point I would have breathed a sigh of relief when girls excused themselves like that.

But not today. Today I wanted to keep going.

I also realized that girls often excuse themselves because they are the one who is nervous. Sometimes they fold under the pressure of an attractive man who is seemingly randomly approached them.

And that is their burden to carry. Not the man’s.

Do not  look for a way out. Stay as long as you can.
I passed the point of no return when I consistently and genuinely wanted to stay in, and advance conversations.

Up until a certain point, I was always looking for a way out. I would approach and bounce. Then I would approach, try to get a number, and bounce. Then I would approach, touch lightly, and bounce.

Then one day I stopped looking for a way out. I began to try and extend every interaction. To see how far it could go, rather than flee in fear.

Do you prematurely bounce? If so, recognize that it is holding you back. Even when you are nervous or uncomfortable, push on. It will raise your tolerance, and eventually you will crave it.

Take the role of the aggressor– let the women be nervous