How to have anal sex with a girl

How to have anal sex with a girl


You wanna fuck her in the ass? What to do?

How do you make it a great experience for both of you?

Let me tell you.

Most people see anal as a “big thing”, a dangerous thing. It’s not. Look at it as normal sex or a blowjob, its no big deal, just make sure she’s hot and turned on so her logical brain is shut down and her emotions fly around.

The  easiest way to do anal is in doggy style (because if you try missionary, her ass points down to the bed, and its hard for your dick to reach there.

So, what to do?

  • First, fuck her good in her pussy to make sure shes hot and turned on
  • Then put a finger close to her asshole and massage it, spit in your finger so its lubricated, then press lightly on her asshole with your finger
  • Then press harder and stick your finger in, keep fucking her when your finger is in her ass..
  • Then you pull your dick out of her pussy, put a lot of spit on your dick, then you put your dickhead to her asshole and press lightly
  • Then increase the pressure little by little, just keep the pressure and soon her ass will open and your dick will go in…
  • First only the tip of the head, keep it there for 10 seconds, tell her how hot she is, then slowly push it deeper in her, little by little
  • Maybe take it out and put more spit on it, then continue pushing it deeper and deeper in her.
  • The girl need to get used to the feeling of a big dick in her ass, so thats why you have to do it slowly, until you feel she is relaxing her ass and you can move back and forth faster.
  • Remember a lot of lubrication! Either spit or lubricant. Spit is fine –  just use plenty.

Reward her

Remember to tell her how sexy she is and how much you like being inside her. Etc. etc. reward her when you are fucking her in her ass, with verbal compliments and sweet talk and dirty talk. The better you make her feel, the more she wants to do it again, you see? Soon, when she relaxes and enjoys it, you can fuck her really hard. seriously, its crazy what girls can take, but make sure to start slow and calibrate from the signs of her body.

What if she stops me??

  • Some girls will stop you when you touch her asshole with your finger.
  • Some will stop you when you stick your finger in.
  • Some will stop you when you touch her asshole with your dick.
  • Some will stop you when you stick your dick in her.
  • Some will stop you after a few minutes of anal because it hurts.

If she stops you, dont worry, take a step back, make her relax and try again. if she still stops you, she’s just not down with anal right now, dont worry about it, just take on a new condom and fuck her and cum in her mouth or whatever you like. find 100000 other girls that want you to fuck their ass.

Health concerns

It is important to change condoms when you go from anal to pussy, because her ass has a lot of bacteria that will fuck her pussy up if you dont.

Why do I know this anal guide works?

I have done this at least 20 times, most of the girls had never done anal before. So trust me, this is the way. Remember to FEEL how the girl feels, she is excited and has probably fantasized a lot about trying anal, but she is also afraid of guys that dont know what they are doing and rams it up their ass too dast so they break their ring-muscle. So just take it slow and be calm and let her feel that you dont want to hurt her and you know what you are doing. Be the man that fulfill her fantasy. She wants to.


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